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As of 2019, Melrose Barbers continues the tradition of excellence.

Born in Los Angeles, raised in France. Melrose Barbers aims to export its concept internationally and establish itself as a pioneer in the world of men’s beauty.

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Our vision

Melrose Barbers combines its expertise with a modern, stylish approach to offer men the ultimate salon experience. The customer experience is elevated to an art form in a unique and exclusive setting, tailored to the most discerning of men.

At Melrose Barbers, we aspire to offer our concept of high-end hairdressing to a discerning international clientele. In 2023, we plan to continue our global expansion by exporting our unique expertise in the art of men’s haircuts. We have identified a number of promising markets where there is likely to be strong interest in our premium brand, including Europe, Asia and the United Arab Emirates.

In France, we plan to open more than 20 Melrose Barbers salons over the next few years. We’re convinced that our men’s hairdressing concept, which combines traditional craftsmanship with an exceptional customer experience, will find its place with a sophisticated and demanding French clientele. We are already looking for strategic locations in France and abroad, to bring our exclusive concept to an even wider audience.

Media & Press

Melrose Barbers has quickly become a rising brand in the world of men’s hairdressing, with a growing reputation over the years. The quality of our services, our craftsmanship and our exceptional customer experience have attracted the attention of the French general press as well as the professional hairdressing media.

Indeed, several articles have been published about us, highlighting our innovative approach and our ability to offer top-of-the-range services of superior quality. The media also highlighted our rapid success in a competitive market, our commitment to excellence and our ambitious vision for the future.

We are proud of the recognition we have received in the mainstream and trade press, and we continue to work passionately to maintain our position as a rising brand and to meet the expectations of our demanding customers.

En savoir plus

Gaëtan Teixeira

Founder and CEO

Gaëtan Teixeira is a 30-year-old visionary entrepreneur who has made his mark thanks to his passion for innovation and his taste for challenges.

With solid experience as a former marketing manager at Tesla in Switzerland and the United States, he has acquired an in-depth understanding of marketing and developed expertise in product development. Gaëtan is also known for his forward-thinking ideas and innovative management, which make him an outstanding leader.

Today, he is the driving force behind Melrose Barbers, which offers a modern, streamlined barbering experience in line with current customer expectations. His insight and determination make him a model entrepreneur for younger generations to follow.

Why join MELROSE ?

Melrose is a brand of the future that draws its strength from its ambition. In a fast-growing market, Melrose is constantly innovating and offering you exceptional opportunities. Our unique value proposition, our unique growth and our talented team are the pillars of our success. Our company is expanding rapidly and has great prospects for the future.

Join us at the heart of this project and become part of the Melrose adventure.