Why the hot towel?

Publication date

14 October 2021


Melrose Barbers

Looking like a standard towel, it could easily be mistaken for the most ordinary of tea towels. A serious mistake ! Soaked in hot water, it should be placed on your face before and after each shave.

What’s it for ?

Yes, if you’re having a great time relaxing by putting a hot towel on your chin, it’s also useful for shaving! Putting your skin in contact with hot water before shaving will open its pores. The result: your tissues absorb the creams and care products, and your hair becomes softer. On the other hand, wiping your face with a towel once it has cooled down after shaving will help to refresh your face, leave your skin smooth and shiny, and close the pores so that they retain all the skin care products you’ve applied.

How do we do it ?

Since it’s going to make shaving easier, it’s best to use your hot towel before you do it! If you don’t have a towel to hand, a nice hot shower can also do the trick. The aim is to cover the entire area to be shaved, i.e. from the throat to the cheekbones, not forgetting the moustache ! Only when you’ve finished shaving can you place the same towel, which will have lost its temperature, over your face.


Run very hot water over your towel before wringing it out. Be careful, it cools down very quickly! It’s estimated that you’ll have about two minutes before it becomes lukewarm, enough time to relax a little. Once you’ve finished your relaxation session, start shaving. When your face is hair-free, use your magic towel again ! It will have become fresh by then, and you’ll be able to finish the job properly.

Our tip : just before placing the towel on your face, you can give it a little psshit of perfume ! This will leave you smelling fresh right down to the hairline …

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