In the heart of the Puy-de-Dôme department, bordered by the Puys chain and the Limagne plain, we decided to open our first salon in Clermont-Ferrand. Rich in natural surroundings and remarkable heritage, it offers an optimal quality of life for all.

Long associated with the international firm Michelin, it is today a diversified metropolis and a “paradoxical city”. Perceived as unattractive, it nevertheless dominates the small and medium-sized towns in the surrounding area and is experiencing a certain revival.

Clermont-Ferrand takes first place in the category of large student cities. Its main assets? An ideal location, a lot of outings and above all… MELROSE BARBERS !

Already emblematic for its International Short Film Festival, Europavox or its museum collections, Clermont-Ferrand continues to establish its stature as a cultural metropolis. For sports enthusiasts, the city has all the facilities needed to practice sports for all. Not to mention that its soccer (Clermont Foot 63) and rugby (ASM) teams are both in the first division.

With more than 290,000 inhabitants in the agglomeration, Clermont-Ferrand is the future metropolis, the balance pole of the new Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the second largest in France. It is a modern and dynamic city, values that fit perfectly with our brand.