Our prices will change

Publication date

15 November 2022


Melrose Barbers

We explain everything

From 1 January, the prices of some of our services will change.

MELROSE BARBERS explains why.

Our prices are changing. Since 2019, MELROSE BARBERS has continued to offer quality services at lower prices than those offered by our competitors.

Today, thanks to you, MELROSE BARBERS is growing and intends to become a reference in the world of men’s hairdressing.

An international supply problem has a considerable impact on the cost of the raw materials used in our work tools. Moreover, as you know, the energy crisis and the sharp increase in energy prices and transport costs over the last few months have resulted in increased costs for our company.
For the sake of transparency, as we have always done, we would like to explain the exact reasons for this price increase.

Despite our efforts, we have no choice but to increase our prices. We would like to remind you that this increase is not intended to make us richer but to limit the losses due to these increases.

What is increasing ?

Classic haircut23€ 25€
Beard trimming & maintenance18€ 20€
Changes in tariffs

In order to guarantee competitive prices and because we only want to keep our costs down, we have decided to increase the prices of only 2 services, therefore the prices of all other services remain unchanged.