How to make your beard softer ?

Publication date

2 December 2022


Melrose Barbers

Having a beard is good. Having a soft beard is better. Firstly, because a soft beard prevents itching. Secondly, because soft beards are often more aesthetically pleasing, less prone to dandruff and easier to style when they are long. Fortunately, having a soft beard is not a complicated task and doesn’t require as much maintenance as you might think. Melrose Barbers gives you some tips.

Clean your beard regularly

Cleaning your beard daily with a dedicated shampoo will remove impurities and leave your hair healthy. Choose a specialised beard shampoo: they are more effective at cleaning the hair than a facial cleanser, and are gentler than hair shampoos. Using a moisturising beard shampoo will leave your beard soft and moisturised. In short, cleaning with the right shampoo is essential for a smoother beard.

Use a beard oil

For us, this is the most important step. If your beard is dry or irritated, a beard oil is essential, and every day. It penetrates the hair and provides it with vitamins and nutrients that are essential for its softness. Using it is simple: apply it to your beard with your hands and distribute it with a comb or your hands so that it spreads properly.

When choosing your beard oil, choose one that doesn’t leave a greasy residue, like the new MELROSE BARBERS oil available in our salons. Containing argan oil and sweet almond oil, it has everything you need to moisturise and soften the hair.

For very dry beards it is possible to use the beard oil twice a day.

Comb your beard

A beard brush is useful for better spreading the product, whether you prefer oil, balm or conditioner. The MELROSE BARBERS boar bristle brush is the perfect tool for this.

For long beards, use a styling cream

Of course, it is designed to style your hair. However, a styling cream, which contains the right ingredients to moisturise while styling, is particularly useful for taming your long beard while moisturising and making it softer.